Beer Kits

For homebrewers, we carry full lines of all your favourite beer kits.

Need advice? We love beer too! Just ask, and we can help you choose the right beer kit for you.


NEW! Brew House Beer Kits
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We now proudly carry Brew House all-grain beer kits, to help you craft all your favourite styles, such as blonde/pale ale, Irish style stout, and light lager.


NOW in Store! Festa Brew
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Our latest line of delicious and popular craft-brew style Canadian beer kits.


make australian beer from kits
Popular and affordable Australian beer kits.


muntons beer kits for home brew
THE original favourites from the UK! A very popular line.


Brew Canada
home brewing kits
Expertly developed by a professional Canadian brewmaster and patterned after Canada’s favourite commercial beers.


make beer halifax
Classic Aussie beer kits made for the Canadian market.