About Us

Meet Wine Kitz Halifax owner/operator Ross Harrington.


Ross has been a winemaker for almost twenty years. After many years in the hospitality sector, he decided on a change of scenery. Ross was hired to manage the Wine Kitz Halifax corporate store in December, 2002, and in May of 2006, Ross purchased the store as a Wine Kitz Franchise. He is now the independent owner of Wine Kitz Halifax.

Ross feels very lucky to have turned his favourite hobby into his employment. Ross enjoys the world of wine, and feels his clients are more than customers; they are fellow wine enthusiasts and friends. Helping customers make great wine is what Ross does best.


Ross and store manager Jo-Anne Rector have worked side by side as a team for several years, and both enjoy learning about winemaking on a continuing basis.

Ross says,

Jo-Anne started with Wine-Art/Wine Kitz on September 1, 1998. At that time she knew nothing about winemaking. Over the years she has applied herself to learning the craft of winemaking and sharing her knowledge with our customers. Jo-Anne says that her favourite part of the job is the customers. She treats them like family, knows them by name, their favourite wines, and who will like the next Limited Release that we are offering. Our customers will come to the store and ask Jo-Anne, “What wine do I want today?”

In almost a decade, only once has Jo-Anne selected a wine that a customer didn’t like. That is a 99.99% customer satisfaction rate! Jo-Anne also excels at problem solving. When a client has a winemaking issue, Jo-Anne, more often than not, will analyze the problem and provide a solution immediately. If she cannot solve the problem right away, she will source the information and contact the client. In addition to her excellent customer service skills and flair for retail merchandising, Jo-Anne is the Manager of Wine Kitz Halifax, as well as the Bookkeeper. She is a valued co-worker.

Visit Ross and Jo-Anne and get started making your next fabulous wine today!